9 Dec/18


Escrow services for “raw” or vacant land is similar to those for developed land transactions. The requirements for vacant land escrows are different from residential sales as there are no “improvements” on the property. When dealing with escrow services, you always wanna have a best bankruptcy attorney which can be found at http://www.thebklawyers.com/. The escrow […]

28 Nov/18

Short Sale

SHORT SALES Statewide Escrow has an experienced team with the knowledge necessary to process the exacting short sale transactions. This involves working hand in hand with both of the lenders involved to bring the short sale escrow to an equitable closing. The Short Sale Escrow is appropriately name since the existing lender agrees to accept […]

28 Nov/18

Commercial Sales

COMMERCIAL TRANSACTIONS Statewide Escrow can assist you with the entire closing process for both purchase and refinance commercial transactions. Our escrow officers are both experienced and skilled in facilitating the commercial transaction closing to the complete satisfaction of all the parties involved. It will be useful to visit https://canceltimesharegeek.com/ in order to discover benefits of […]