8 Jan/19

Mobile Homes

A mobile home is not considered “real estate”; instead it is personal property that is often affixed to real estate. The title insurance available for your property may relate to the land you purchased rather than to the mobile home. The required title transfer documentation will be filed with a different agency other than the […]

8 Jan/19

Residential Refinances

Occasionally a homeowner will contact a lender in order to refinance their existing loan. The reasons for this may be to lower payments damage, change interest rate, change loan repayment program or to obtain cash for other investments. Once the lender has received a loan application, an escrow will be opened to facilitate clearing of […]

9 Dec/18


Where new construction is involved it is advantageous to have long standing relationships with builder clients to overcome any issues that may arise prior to closing. We strive to meet the needs of our buyers’ and builders while advancing the escrow process to a worry- free closing. One of the biggest challenges of home remodeling […]