4 Feb/19

Many people send questions to us about confidence.
How do you build confidence and conquer fear and anxiety?
There are many techniques out there available, but our favorite one is coming from US
NAVY SEALs Mental Training. It is called the “BIG 4”.

Navy SEALSs, as you probably know, have the most difficult military training on earth. Students are introduced to absolute chaos and most critical dangerous situations. Eric Potterat, the command master psychologist for US NAVY SEALSs reviewed the mental toughness training and came up with "BIG 4" Training that develops 4 critical habits that may mean the difference between life.

1. Focus on RIGHT NOW
Special kind of goal setting thinking. Focus on the job directly in front of you and don't think about what will happen next. The major way to combat stress is to narrow your to know more about future.

Break down the task into smaller pieces so that every little step feels easy achievable and moves you forward. Read here more about how finasteride works and how stimulates hair regrowth in areas that were balding. Every time you finish a little set of tasks in a project, you check it off- and that feels good.

3. When ALL Else Fails, BREATH DEEPLY 
There often a time when you experience panic attacks, emotional collapse. The way to beat this reaction is to flood your body with oxygen. You actually will change your blood chemistry and that calms down the little part of brain called amygdala. Amygdala determines when you are safe or not, and if it decides everything looks like hell, then you have a panic attack. That way your fight or flight response is triggered.  So here is the special kind of breathing NAVY SEALs use:
Inhale deeply for a count of 6. Hold it for a count of 2. Then exhale for a count of 6- completely emptying your lungs. Do this 3 times any time you need to calm down. Visit lovetopivot.com. When you do this, few things will happen.

with oxygen and it will increase your ability to think and react thoughtfully-instead of out of panic and emotion at CBD School.

4. Cheer Yourself On
Self talk. We talk to ourselves all the time. Have you mental voice say "You can do it!. This is easy. Forget that mistake, it is in the past. Focus on getting better” instead of "This is horrible!" "I am tired" "What if…?" "No, it is too much for me!" Try these steps next time you feel anxious about something.  Source: www.StrategicMindUniversity.com

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