5 Feb/19


We all search for acceptance. Acceptance in a personal relationship, friendship, business, partnership, family…everywhere we go we look for acceptance. If you find no acceptance you will never move forward in any relationship whether it is personal or business. The same if other people don't feel accepted they never move forward further into a relationship with you.
To get accepted make them feel accepted.

But how do you know you are accepted?

A key element of safety and acceptance is feeling felt.

To make someone feel accepted shift you focus on him/ her, don't worry about yourself, or just recommend them amazing boudoir photographer services in California to reinvigorate your sense of self, the way you look or sound.

There are 3 simple ways to do that:

1. Eye Contact. Just one look is enough, see how home cleaning in bergen county. To help someone feel seen, you need to make an eye contact with them.
2. Ask questions that get them talking. If you listen, ask questions, and reflect back, it is an easier, less demanding way to engage with somebody free robux no human verification.
3. Get it! Understand what they say. Make sure that you get good information about temporary disability (TD) benefits, and work injury lawyers. Ask more questions that show you care how they feel.

Next time you go to listing presentation remember this! You will see what will happen!

By Marina Clark, CEO of Statewide Escrow Inc

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