Statewide Escrow Inc was founded with only one strong goal in mind- to offer the best service not only to home owners and buyers, but also to real agents.

Real Estate transaction can be a very complicated transaction with multiple obstacles and stressful delays. Therefore escrow officer, real estate agent, mortgage professional, and title officer must work as one team together to ensure a successful close of escrow.

Very often, however, transactions fall apart because someone drops the ball and blames the rest of the team to camouflage his fault. It happens because of either lack of professional skills, experience or simple disconnection, misunderstanding of the complexity of duties of each other.

And, at the end of the day the principles (buyers and sellers) pay the price.

Marina Clark, the CEO of Statewide Escrow Inc brings her experience as Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Coach, and Real Estate Investor to eliminate this issue.

She looks at the problem from the prospective of real estate agent, escrow officer and consumer and finds the best solution to make it the best experience for all parties involved.

Being partners with Strategic Mind University Inc we offer FREE classes to real estate agents and mortgage professionals on various subjects like connection with clients, digital marketing, and mortgage basics and of course escrow/title. It proved to be voluble to real estate agents and created a strong bond between our Escrow Company and agents who work with us.

What makes us truly different is that we “speak same language” with real estate agents and our principles simply because we have been in “their shoes”


Our Mission

It is our mission to give a superior, quality service to our principles and real estate professionals. Our staff is available to provide an expert guidance, offer an advice and go extra mile until transaction is done. Our team keeps themselves responsible for the results of the transaction, however we believe in team work and strive to make it clear to all parties involved what is needed from all.In simple statement our mission is to make your escrow transaction as easy as possible.


Our Vision

Two Words – respect & knowledgeWe strive to offer the best service to our clients. Our team is always ready to implement the knowledge they receive from ongoing education and technology that is provided by Statewide Escrow administration.We respect needs, desires of all clients, real estate agents, and mortgage professionals. With respect comes understanding and commitment to offer the best service ever.


Our Goal

Our goal is to become your preferred escrow company for any real estate transaction.
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What People Say About Us

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